Cooperation, trust, focus and openness


Cooperation, trust, focus and openness

2018-04-26 | BUSINESS NEWS

We place the strongest emphasis on having a committed and motivated work force, and therefore we need to know the views of our employees. We have chosen the &frankly tool,

which leaves conventional employee surveys far behind. It is an innovative, transparent tool, which fits in well with our vision.

&frankly is a cloud-based service that uses an innovative method for continuously taking the pulse of the organisation and trigger movement in the right direction. Questions are put within a pulsed setup, every week, every month or on single occasions, with the responses provided in the &Frankly app or via the Internet.

We have identified “understanding our goals and our strategy” as one of the most important areas for improvement. During 2017 we have worked a lot on participation and information, which has led to increased commitment and ambition on the part of our employees. Our workplace environment is another area always in focus; nothing is as important as that everybody feels at ease and happy in their place of work.

The results of the 2017 pulsed employee survey have now been analysed. The overall results are good, with an average response rate of 83 percent of the questions. This is a good rate, and the same as in the 2016 analysis, but improvement is always possible. &Frankly is an excellent tool for discovering how we all feel, in the team and in the company, and it provides a solid basis for our initiatives in the workplace environment.

Again, we find that team spirit is among the most positive aspects brought out, and that you enjoy your work and feel positive to it and to your tasks. Many people feel that they get on very well with their colleagues, and this team spirit is something that recurs in the responses as something positive.

The question “How would you describe our treatment of each other” gets an 89% response of “respectful”, which is a very high number.

Between week 11 and week 39 the average response to the question “How would you describe your job” has moved from 68% to 83% giving the answer “A great passion”.

When the KLINGER Sweden employees are invited to use their own words to describe what is best about their work and their workplace we find words like: colleagues, team work, community, freedom, open, drive, development, trust, enjoyable, vision, optimism, good atmosphere, dynamic.

During 2017 we have worked a lot on participation, information and transparency. It is important that everyone is familiar with our goals, our vision and our values. In 2016 the response to the question of whether employees receive enough information about the company and about the KLINGER Group was c. 70% positive, which has increased to 82% for 2017. This is a clear improvement and can be explained for instance by our employee magazine VISTA, which is published about four times per year.

The organisational structure changed during 2017 and new posts were filled during the year, providing added resources for follow-up and team development work. Employees of KLINGER Sweden characterise our culture using key words such as COOPERATION, TRUST, FOCUS and OPENNESS.

Where we can see further possibilities is for instance in skills development, where we are already putting in a great deal of effort in the form of internal personally tailored training in for instance product knowledge, the quality management system, logistics etc.

Equal treatment irrespective of education, sex or age is very important, and naturally we are all respectful towards each other irrespective of job title, age or sex.

In 2018 we will now continue our work, focusing on the areas we have identified for improvement and increasing our already excellent &Frankly results.