More effective inventory management with 5S and new storage lift


More effective inventory management with 5S and new storage lift

2015-05-27 | Business news

We are now streamlining our inventory management to provide our customers with even better service. We are investing in a new storage lift and are at the same time

implementing Toyota’s renowned 5S method, which creates a better and more ergonomic work environment.

A well-organized warehouse is central to both our customers and us. We already have short lead times and customized solutions. With the help of a new storage lift and the Japanese 5S method, developed by Toyota, we are now creating a more efficient inventory management.

Five keywords are the foundation of the 5S method. Translated into English, the words 5S is based on, include sorting, structure, sweeping, standardizing. Central to us at Klinger’s is “Shitsuke”: continuous improvements to keep order.

By implementing new systems and methods to keep track, we create a more efficient working environment, which is also more ergonomic, thanks to the investment in a new storage lift. All of this helps to strengthen the team spirit and increase job satisfaction.

Thanks to the 5S method and the new storage lift, we create a better working environment for our staff and better service for our customers – to streamline the warehouse is a challenge everyone benefits from.