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KLINGER News December 2018 – Group magazine

Our regularly appearing KLINGER News Magazine keeps you up to date about the KLINGER Group. This edition of the KLINGER News covers a wide range of topics and you can read more about our customers, innovations, cooperations and primarily about our Group Spirit. Some of our stories are:

  • KLINGER Advantage and KLINGER Schöneberg support Westlake Chemical
  • The Eiffel Tower and a KLINGER Ballostar ball valve
  • Introducing ATMECO's leak visualization services
  • etc.


Group Magazine


The desire for safety is as old as humanity itself. From fi nding refuge in caves in prehistoric times to building castles in the medieval ages, the need to protect ourselves from harm has always been a driving force. Our rapid technological progress and the products we require to keep our economies running as well as consumer demands satisfi ed, however, have led to significantly more complex safety requirements than those envisaged even half a century ago.


Group Magazine

KLINGER News October 2017 – Responsibility & Engagement

This edition of the KLINGER News is dedicated to our responsibility and engagement towards our customers, our employees and our partners. We provide products and solutions that are mission-critical for smooth and safe operation of plants. But it is not only about our products, it is also about our understanding of our business standards and practices. Integrity, transparency and fair dealing and competition are just some selected aspects of our Code of Conduct.


Code of Conduct


This edition of KLINGER News 2017 is about one of our company values “Global Regionality” it stands for our ability and passion to develop industry and region-specific solutions. What does it take to be "trusted. worldwide."?


Klinger News group magazine june 2017


Over its 130 years of existence, the KLINGER brand has firmly established itself in the industry as a world-class manufacturer and supplier of gaskets, valves and level gauges. It is a fact that many industries around the globe rely on our products from these product segments and we do not only offer products. We serve our customers with industry and region-specific solutions. Industry expertise is thinking outside the box and delivering the best solution to our customers. And we did not start yesterday: The KLINGER Group has been founded in 1886 and we celebrate our 130 years’ company anniversary in 2016.

Some KLINGER News topics:
» 130 years: KLINGER through the decades
» Food & Beverage Expertise at in the Netherlands
» Sentry Gasket revolutionizes leakage testing
» District heating expertise from KFC
» Water expertise from Portugal
» …

Find out how we deliver Industry Expertise and we invite you to a retrospective journey through the decades of our 130 years.
Enjoy the reading!


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KLINGER News Mar 2016 – Being sustainable and green

The first edition of the KLINGER News is out now and it’s all about “being sustainable and green”.

The UN climate change conference which took place last November in Paris created a historic, durable and ambitious outcome. 195 countries agreed to combat climate change and unleash actions and investments for a low- carbon, resilient and sustainable future. We present you some background information on the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21).

Furthermore, you can read how the KLINGER Group delivers “green value”. Long-lasting products lead to a reduced ecological footprint and the best thing about is: There is a positive business case on being sustainable and green. Enjoy the reading!


KLINGER News Mar 2016 being sustainable green

KLINGER News 10/2015 - Achema & Industry 4.0

The Achema is the world forum and leading show for the process industries and takes place in Frankfurt, Germany. For the KLINGER Group it is the biggest exhibition where we showcase our latest innovations from the sealing, valve and instrumentation area. Another main topic of this KLINGER News edition is about Industry 4.0. Leading experts talk about a paradigm shift and see us at a start of a transformational journey. The vision is the industrial production of the future. The "Smart Factory" - which is the factory of tomorrow - uses cyber physical systems and the "Internet of things". In the KLINGER Group we are preparing for the future by ... to be read in the KLINGER News! 


Achema2015 0245 Copyright Agentur CM Creative thmb


This KLINGER News edition is about partnership. We are proud of our business partnerships and would like to present some examples from within the KLINGER Group. They reflect a set of actively lived "family values" and are the cornerstones of our continued success.


klingerNews052015 web

KLINGER News 01/2015 - Excellence

Expanding a business over generations requires a passion for excellence. It combines high quality products, experience and passion. We do this with our obsession for high quality products, our technical expertise and our people who deliver excellence to our customer on a day to day basis. This KLINGER News edition presents you the various dimensions of excellence which we have found in the KLINGER Group.


klingerNews012015 web