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KLINGER News 05/2014 - The Growth Edition

In the latest Klinger News edition, it is all about growth of the KLINGER Group. The KLINGER Group has seen a positive evolution over the last year. Organic growth as well as strategic acquisitions made this path possible. Read more in the latest KLINGER News issue of the strategic acquisitions in the last months as well as the latest happenings in the different KLINGER companies worldwide.

Ladda ner

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KLINGER News 10/2013 - The Education Issue

KLINGER GEBETSROITHER offers standard-compliant training for specialised seal mounting personnel. The correct mounting of seals is essential for their perfect long-term use. To ensure the quality of mounting technicians, KLINGER Gebetsroither GmbH & Co KG is offering a training according to EN1591-4.

Ladda ner

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KLINGER News 02/2013 - The Africa Issue

KLINGER SCHÖNEBERG GmbH provides over 6,000 valves for “Medupi & Kusile” Power Plant in South Africa. Hitachi Power Europe GmbH (HPE), a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., plans and builds fossil fuel-fired power plants. The plant builder provides core components such as utility steam generators, environmental technology, turbines and grinding plants.

Ladda ner

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KLINGER News 10/2012 - The Steam Issue

ADM Europoort BV enjoys a quick return on investment from steam system optimisation. Steam is an expensive energy carrier, so there are a number of reasons for keeping a steam system in optimal condition.

Ladda ner

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