Achema Review

Achema Review

Achema Review


2015-06-01 | Business News

ACHEMA is the world forum of the process industry and the trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology. Over 3600 exhibitors

Sealing Highlights

KLINGER Compensil: A brand new sealing material that has a unique design of mineral fibres bonded with NBR. It is ideal for use in applications where only low bolt loads are possible. It compensates inadequate bolting procedure and has best potential to seal even under irregular load allocation.

KLINGER KNS: The revolutionary segmented, high pressure rubber gasket designed for use in pipelines and non-standard equipment that makes the installation easier and more convenient.

Valve Highlights
INTEC K200-2: Intelligent Valve with a new monitoring system for permanent equipment condition monitoring

Fluid Monitoring Highlights

Level Gauge with LED Illuminator: A stainless steel body and LED 12 Volt technology, it is significantly lighter and smaller than standard illuminators, while at the same time boasting a longer shelf life and light emission characteristics.