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2023-09-18 | ARBETSMILJÖ

Klinger Swedens resa mot en hälsosam arbetsplats

KLINGER Holding skrev en artikel om hur KLINGER Sweden tilldelades en ”Healthy place to work”-certifiering. Vi vet att medarbetarna är vår bästa resurs, och att medarbetarnas hälsa är viktiga för att hela organisationen ska må bra och prestera bra. Läs mer om KLINGER Swedens hälsoinitiativ för medarbetare i artikeln nedan. 


How KLINGER Sweden prioritizes employee well-being, earning the “Healthy Place to Work” certification and creating an efficient and effective business through comprehensive health initiatives.


Once KLINGER Sweden received their “Healthy Place to Work” certification from OneLab, it put a stamp on what the team already knew: employee well-being is a top priority at KLINGER Sweden. Whether it’s emphasizing proper diet and exercise during the workday or redesigning the facility layout to meet safety standards, the Swedish KLINGER subsidiary has enforced a bottom-up approach to health that touches every aspect of the employee experience. This atmosphere improves employee satisfaction while also creating a more efficient and effective business.


Employees can start their day with a provided breakfast, with fresh fruit always available. An onsite gym provides easy access to training equipment, boosting personal endurance and camaraderie as staff invite each other to beat fitness goals. Challenges through an innovative app gamifies fitness through points and quizzes, sparking friendly competition. Each person also receives a stipend towards health-related costs, allowing them to fund anything from therapeutic massages to personal trainers.

Fostering employee well-being

While a robust daily routine is integral to a healthy lifestyle, that’s only the first step in the wellness program. Regular surveys through the “&frankly” app measure employee satisfaction on a rolling basis, allowing leadership to track and solve issues in real time. Besides these self-reported metrics, KLINGER Sweden also incorporates objective measurements through lab testing. Regular on-site medical exams track critical vital signs and serve as early warning of future health concerns. According to Malin Kahn, KLINGER Sweden’s Business Controller, “The check-ups are good for preventing illness, both physical and psychosocial, and the &frankly app is useful for taking the temperature of the company.”

The office gym allows for letting off steam on a regular basis. This is a welcome change for Michalina Geijer.

Site improvements are another factor in the branch’s drive for wellness. Expanding the warehouse allowed the team to incorporate 5S principles, making for a neater and safer facility. “We have been working with 5S for a long period of time. A work that does not really have an end but can constantly be developed. Since we expanded our warehouse, we have also put even more focus with support from an internal new project team,” says Malin. Investments in ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications help KLINGER Sweden maintain high quality and environmental standards, creating a smooth operating environment. All these efforts culminate in the Healthy Place to Work certification from OneLab, an independent auditor that evaluates corporate environments for employee wellness using a three-step system of testing and monitoring.

A spacious and organized warehouse, the result of KLINGER Sweden's commitment to site improvements and the implementation of 5S principles, provides a safer and more efficient working environment for warehouse staff.

Committed to long-term health

The KLINGER Sweden team is dedicated to maintaining these changes for the long term, having accounted for the ongoing effort required to retain certifications and employee testing:

  • audits and inspections,
  • subscriptions and medical visits,
  • site maintenance and upgrades.
KLINGER Sweden considers a health-forward culture to be a valuable investment, since the health of employees directly affects the health of the organization. 

“This is ongoing work. Everybody knows the employees are our best resource. They know that they are important to the company. That’s essential for engagement in the company, and for everybody here.“

Malin Svärdsén Kahn, Business Controller at KLINGER Sweden

A KLINGER location full of smiles as colleagues conquer wellness with the powerful combo of surveys and on-site medical exams. Teamwork, health checks, and happiness unleashed.

KLINGER Swedens resa mot en hälsosam arbetsplats